PRESS RELEASE: Census Bureau Report misses Huge Inequity in NYS Schools

PRESS RELEASE: Census Bureau Report misses Huge Inequity in NYS Schools

July 30, 2015 Legislative & Political Updates

For Immediate Release:

Alicia Arrington, New York City Communication Organizer
Alliance for Quality Education
212-328-9268 or 757-814-9823
NEW YORK (July 30,2015) Today the U.S. Census Bureau issued a report that outlines the average per pupil spending in states around the country. While New York ranks as having the highest spending statewide, that does not mean that that is the case for all students in New York State.

“The Census Bureau report excludes one key factor: New York has among the greatest inequity in school funding in the U.S.,” said Zakiyah Ansari, Advocacy Director. “The fact that wealthy school districts spend over $30,000 per pupil pushes up the state average, but does nothing to help students in poor communities. With an average gap between rich and poor schools of $8733 per pupil—and a gap that is more than twice that large in many specific schools, New York has a lot of catching up to do. In 2006, a lawsuit won by parents that formed the Campaign for Fiscal Equity proved that these students in particular were being grossly underfunded by the State; something the state has yet to repair. The result is severe underfunding and program cuts in schools serving high numbers of Black, Latino and low-income students. To this day there is still over $5 billion owed to our students in order to provide them with the sound education they deserve.”

A copy of the report is available at this link:

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