AQE Commends NYC Renewal School Agenda

AQE Commends NYC Renewal School Agenda

June 26, 2015 Legislative & Political Updates

For Immediate Release:

Alicia Arrington, New York City Communication Organizer
Alliance for Quality Education
212-328-9268 or 757-814-9823

NEW YORK (June 25, 2015) – The Alliance for Quality Education extends our congratulations to the graduates of Boys and Girls High School. We commend Mayor deBlasio and Chancellor Farina for taking promising steps to improve Boys & Girls High School and other renewal schools. Sadly rather than recognizing these achievements, StudentsFirstNY, a hedge fund sponsored organization with an agenda of privatization and testing, is once again seeking to tear down progress in our public schools in order to promote their political agenda.

The solutions for struggling schools are clear and are supported by research. It requires increased investment, quality school leadership and experienced lead teachers, high quality curriculum, social, emotional, and health supports for students and family and community engagement. This is the Renewal School Agenda of Mayor deBlasio and Chancellor Farina. Instead of supporting the improvement of these schools and the success of students, StudentsFirstNY and their hedge fund investors continue to be obstructionist and are committed to opposing every positive research-based reform in our public schools.


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